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In Single Unique Power, roll dice and pull words from a pot to create an exciting world and its superpowered inhabitants! 

Single Unique Power is a 23-page, cast-building, setting-creation game inspired by the “one person, one power” trope popular in superhero media, manga, and anime. Examples include mutations in X-Men, quirks in My Hero Academia, devil fruit powers in One Piece, and nen abilities in Hunter × Hunter. In each of these examples, select characters all have unique, personalized powers.

At the end of this game, you’ll have a colorful cast of characters as well as bits and pieces of their backstories. These characters can be enjoyed on their own as you collectively imagine their lives and powers, or you can carry them into future RPGs and stories.

To play Single Unique Power, you’ll need:

  • Two or more players
  • Three six-sided dice 
  • Writing utensils
  • A stack of notecards (3x5” recommended)
  • A pot for collecting and mixing cards, such as a hat or a bowl

Modifications are included for online play.

Single Unique Power is illustrated by Eric Lide. An African American cartoonist from New Jersey, Eric has published and serialized the webcomics Station Square (2009) and Ozzie the Vampire (2013) as well as a variety of minicomics and zines. Learn more about his work at ericlide.com.

Single Unique Power was funded as part of the Possible Worlds RPG subscription Kickstarter.

Possible Worlds' series covers are designed by Austin Breed.


Get this game and 5 more for $35.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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a really wonderful worldbuilding game! I played it for the first time with a friend two weeks ago, and I keep coming back to thinking about our cast and setting. well designed, well formatted, highly recommended.

Hello, How long would a game last for 2, 3 and 5 people?


Ran this game with my college gaming group! So much fun, we might turn the setting into a campaign next semester. Mysterious moonshine that grants people powers such as horse shapeshifting and D&D manifestations.


I'm so glad! Please report back if you do—I'd love to hear more about it!


Played it yesterday with my friend and it went amazing. I wasn't sure about some of the rules when I first read the book, but there were no issues during the actual play. I am in love with every single character we made and I heavily recommend buying the book to everyone who's considering it.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad you gave it a shot, and I hope you take those characters on some adventures soon!


Introduced a friend of mine to this soon after it came out - this game is amazing! I've played it several times with her, and she's played it several times with others, creating all sorts of great worlds. An amazingly fun game, wonderful for stretching creativity and just getting to riff on cool stuff with your friends.

Thank you so much!! I'm SO glad you're enjoying it, and I'd love to hear about the fun powers/worlds you've created sometime!


I wish I could have this game. too bad I don't have money.


Shoot me a message at possibleworldsgames.com and we'll work something out!


I like the design of this and think it's great tool for creating super hero casts... maybe even for an indie comic/manga. I can't wait to try it with my friends when we get a chance.


Had a really fun time playing this! The game gave us just the right tools to create an expansive world + a variety of characters that I fell in love with by the end of the session.